Thursday, August 9, 2007

New Cover Comps

After getting feedback from Joyce on my wine glass cover (which got good feedback on our field trip), here are the two latest comps I just gave her. I really love the simplicity of them both. Next on my list for the weekend are to do a layout for the Chefs Recommendation (3 pages), dedication and the sponsorship index. I will have them keep the same feel as my other pages. My only concern are the mass amounts of type that go into these pages. This is going to be my biggest challenge when creating these.

Field Trip + Reworking everything

After reworking my layouts I started by redoing my front cover. I ended up finding a very good stock photograph of a wine glass on FLICKR. Here is what it looks like:

After showing Julien's old teacher my new layouts at GCF, she gave me really good feedback on my layouts. She really liked my covers (above) and told me to make my titles smaller. I also had an element on each page that she didn't like (a filled square that reminded her of National Geographic). I really loved the firm and could see myself working at a place like that when I graduated.

After the field trip I came home and reworked my new layouts. Here is what I have at the moment:

Critique with Joyce

My critique with Joyce didn't go too well. She totally didn't like my color scheme and ignored my layout. Here are minutes that Sam took at the critique about my feedback from Joyce:

"Joyce Lavery:


Because the cover contains a food photo, it cannot be used. No food on cover. She did not like the color choices of light blue and yellow/gold. She looked to see if the colors chosen were “matched” to the food in the photos. Again. She could not understand why Cristian chose the colors he did. …they didn’t match anything… While she liked the use of type in the masthead, she said she would prefer that colors used for type be those found within the adjacent photograph, preferably food.

Publisher’s letter:

Liked the way that the “callout” was treated, but again, did not like the color choices of light blue and yellow/gold.

Says the appearance is too “ happy”. She wants “classy” instead. Suggested that the layout resembles a TGIF Friday’s or “Olive Garden” theme. She would prefer “Ritz Carlton”.

Table of Contents:

Thought the table of contents placed over a full-page photo of a restaurant interior was interest and innovative, however whatever photo used here would need to be a “stock” photos so as not to promote one restaurant over another.

Spread Layout:

Warned against cropping photos—“photographers have provided the composition that they want you to use…
Aesthetic is too “Happy”.
Joyce admitted that blue is not her favorite color. “Keep in mind that, in the mind of a chef, that the food provides the color” Implies that we should keep colors to a minimum, at least to such a degree that they do not “compete” with food photos.
Suggests that we not use more than one food photo with the recipe.
Michel Richard will prefer a minimalist approach to layout."

... After her critique I knew that it was time for me to start all over and please the client. Mr. Julien told us to change my colors, increase my margins (A LOT!), and make things more simple. He also gave us all a style guide with typefaces to consider using.

"We are looking like "Food and Wine" and not like the Ritz Carlton" - Mr. Julien

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 4

Next week we are taking a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to visit a design firm by the name of GCF. One of Mr. Julien's old professors from graduate school is an art director there and he wants us to see a real design firm and how they work. He told us to ask a ton of questions and take in as much as we can.

This week on Thursday Joyce will be coming around to look at our work on screen. After that during Week 6 she will be coming back to look at print outs (comps of all pages). We NEED to condition our minds and tell ourselves: This is due week 7! Julien says that so that we can use Week 8 as time to put in our final little changes before it's due.

During the weekend I further developed my layouts. I totally gave the Publisher's Letter & Welcome page a whole new look. I did a good amount of image and type overlapping in my designs to give it a bit of an edge. Here are some screen shots:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Working on first set of comps

Joyce is coming in to look at our progress on Thursday of next week (week 4). Julien and her both agreed that by then we will have comps for:

1) 4 Page feature - featuring 5 pictures total- 2 food shots, 1 picture recipe, chief picture, restaurant shot (4 pages)

2) Table of Contents (1 page)

3) Publishers Letter (1 page)

4) Michael's Letter (1 page)

Mr. Julien suggested that we scan in the advertisements that were in last years magazine and put them in our comps to see how our designs will flow with real advertisements. We are taking a field trip to a design firm on Tuesday (week 5) to see how they work. That should be interesting. I always like taking design firm tours because it lets me see places that I will possibly be working at once I get out of school.

Below are where my comps are right now. I plan on developing some of them and starting all over on a few of them this weekend. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 3: Working on first comps

Today was the first day of week3. We began class with 'show & tell'. I brought in a book called "30 Essential Typeface for a Lifetime" that was put out by Rockport. This book has helped me decide on what typeface/family I will be using for individual projects for quite sometime now. As a designer, I find it very important that keep myself influenced by buying books and looking at the world around me, because if your not influenced your work WILL suffer.

Mr. Julien had us just start working on our comps for the rest of class. During the weekend I choice Frutiger as my typeface for this project because it's clean and according to my book is an "all-purpose font for print media. Since I didn't have any real copy or images over the weekend I just designed a spread just to see how the typeface would look with images and in different styles and sizes:

From today until next class I'm just going to be working on my table of contents and four page spread to show Joyce next week for when she comes in.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Magazine Critique (San Francisco Chef)

Mr. Julien told us to look through the magazine we are supposed to redesign (depending on what group we are in) and critiquing it. Here is what I observed:

1) Don't like the master-head of the magazine. It needs to be more modern looking like the DC Chefs magazine- something sans serif and more modern looking.

2) Type is too big in most places especially in the table on contents

3) Article titles are boring and the grids on the chef features are horrible

4) I really don't like the "on the side" section, it takes away from the article.

5) Photography treatments aren't interesting at all and most photos are color corrected and lack contrast.